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Journaling and thoughts on hotel tech and property management.
Self-service is the future
Hospitality lags behind in digitalization. Guests crave mobile self-service options for a faster, cheaper experience. Technology can empower hotels to reduce costs, attract new customers, and redefine the industry. Embrace the future or get left behind.
Four Thoughts for Hoteliers
Hotels ditching outdated systems for tech-driven, guest-centric approach. Prioritizing data privacy, staff empowerment, and user-friendly tools is key. Housekeepers, treated as partners, benefit from direct guest feedback and efficient tech.
What’s up with payments in hotels these days?
Hotels move beyond traditional checkout with diverse payment solutions. This shift raises questions about control and hidden costs. Optimizing policies and understanding the evolving landscape are crucial for hoteliers to stay in charge of their revenue.
The “new normal” in Revenue Management
Forget outdated algorithms! Embrace digital solutions and automation. Boost revenue, personalize the customer journey, and optimize pricing with AI-powered tools like Nelson PMS & Pricing Bot. Perfect for both large and small hotels.