Hotel PMS

Any property can be a hotel

Nelson is an all-in-one solution for hotels and rental operators.


Smart locking

Nelson talks directly to your locks. No more keycards or check-in kiosks. Guest just walk straight to their room when they arrive.

AI-powered pricing

Room rates can be set by Nelson’s proprietary machine learning algorithm that adjusts prices in real-time so that you don’t have to.

OTA integrations

We connect directly with and Expedia. Channel distribution is optimized so as to maximize profit. No more extranets.

Management UI

Respond to customer requests from anywhere through our web app. Moving a customer to another room or getting sales reports has never been easier.

Service App

Cleaning and maintenance staff work their magic using Nelson’s own mobile app that guides, tracks, and manages all service provision.

Guest comms

Guests receive automated emails and SMS with room and access information. Our awesome templates allow for customizing upselling.
Intro Video

See Nelson in Action

Omena Hotel Customer journey enabled by Nelson.
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Property Management Made Easy

What take multiple clicks in an old-school property management system is done in a heartbeat in Nelson’s web app. The system is plugged into the physical property and can manage the workflow remotely.

Complete Guest Management

Make sure guests have a seamless experience from booking to checking out. Troubleshooting made easy with intuitive design.